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... Is About "Citizen Empowerment" to help Stop Corruption, Worldwide

The European Anti-Corruption Centre™ (EurACC.eu)

The European Anti-Corruption Centre™ [ The EurACC™ ('eur-ak') EurACC.eu ] is Now Online with its Fully Searchable Advanced Beta in currently 40 Initial Languages and with original data from around the world. Recently, the EurACC™ has become 'by far' the largest anti-corruption, anti-bribery, anti-fraud & related crimes and ethics violations search engine - and unique in the world, in a sustainable, public accessible, secure clouds based, database retrieval and information processing online system.  It is the only such system open to the public so comprehensively covering worldwide investitgative journalism, citizen journalism and social media concerning these important issues that are so often trans-national in nature and effecting both problems of peace, and yet with the results of such crimes often directly fueling and simultaneously strategically and tactically impacting directly upon wars of all kinds - both declared and undeclared - including both conventional and unconventional, and now especiallly upon hybrid warfare. At its root, the issues being addressed are 'dirty money'  and the crimes and ethics violations related thereto - whatever the sources, whatever their initial or secondary uses, whomever is involved, and wherever it happens - particularly if it is trans-national, and in tracking its cascading implications - near and / or far.  By design, The EurACC™ is both 1) a Professional Toolset and 2) Open & Easy to Use by the General Public to help them protect their own families and their jobs. The EurACC™ is growing constantly and also ~teaches itself~ to find Fresh, 'Current' / Recent and Historically relevant data - 24/7/365 - and in doing so, it is continually increasing its thousands of sources, worldwide.

  • "Order of Magnitude Innovation" ... Applied ... In Practice ... Sustainably ... In The Public Service 

The EurACC is unique in the industry in the mix, scope and depth of fresh 'global,' multi-lingual origin, professional investigative journalism, citizen reporting & international social media commentary it covers - as well as accompanying authoritative international reference materials. It will soon publicly transition 'more fully' into a Sustainable Public Service format, as a globally searchable, language crossing, and standard browser based, https:// SECURE ONLINE PORTAL, where are presented unedited & uncommented, full-text, original published source materials, existing in multiple languages, and from numerous countries. Even today in Searchable Advanced Beta, it provides light on the problems, issues, case studies, ongoing investigations, etc., with published reports and independent commentary on truly ALL Types of Private, Commercial, Political & Election related, as well as Public Sector Corruption & Fraud, Bribery, Kickbacks, Malfeasance, Misfeasance, Nonfeasance, White-Collar Crime, Commercial, Industrial, and Contracting for the Public Sector related Bidding Fraud, Tax Fraud, Money Laundering, Tunneling, Asset Stripping, Phoenixing, Insider Trading, Ethics Violations, Trafficking of all kinds, and other serious frauds & related criminality connected to organized crime, corrupt firms & individuals - also including such complex crimes as Human Trafficking & Slavery, other Human Rights Violations and Environmental Crime, whether based in, directly or indirectly operating in or through Europe, in any manner, including financially - or, indeed, anywhere, worldwide - as so many of these crimes are trans-national and are interwoven with other crimes, with even further reaching impacts than the site of the original crime.  The EurACC provides core original data reporting and commentary on trans-border / trans-national problems of this nature, truly from 'anywhere-to-anywhere' in today's inter-connected global economy.  Due to its extensive European languages and linguistics basis, the EurACC™ is additionally providing important 'early coverage' for the "EurAsian Continental Market Area" (EACMA), the Americas, the Middle East & Africa (MEA) and the Asia Pacific Region (APR), as part of its planned global expansion into becoming a standardized 'Professional Business, Global Trade & Sustainable Development, Resource Toolset' in a multi-culturally & multi-lingually, transparently easy-to-use, Software as a Service (SaaS) format.

The EurACC™ ('eur-ak') "Best Practices" based, transparency focused, global mission is to track, uncover and to provide original full-text retrievals and processing in a 'user friendly format' of one's preferred language, without commentary or editorializing, of the often unusually very difficult-to-find reportages related to corruption and fraud, including traditional investigative journalism, published citizen journalism & reporting, and multi-lingual origin social media based commentary from various countries. Returning results in all digital media types, including video and audio, the EurACC™ system focuses on the frequently resoundingly unethical, inappropriate, and generally often likely illegal historical and recent, market disruptive and manipulative activities of these corrupt firms and individuals that are seriously damaging to normal business, responsible international trade, and sustainable development, worldwide. Firms, governments and international organizations everywhere are seeking Triple Bottom Line Solutions (TBL/3BL) of Responsible Development + Environmental Sustainability + Financial Sustainability. Therefore, eliminating 'identifiable risks' from potential business transactions, by pro-actively disqualifying historically 'known' dishonest or dubious other parties, is essential in the 21st Century.

The EurACC is the flagship service, the technological root, and the initial portal entrance of the larger project of The International Anti-Corruption Center™, The IntlACC (the 'intel-ak') @ IntlACC.comTogether, they form part of a global group of regionalized specialty virtual information centers focussed on easy-to-use, transparent and sustainable public provisioning of full text data from original sources, and in various languages, on known, suspected and related crimes and parallel ethics violations of this nature. These will be transparently interconnected to seamlessly provide these services In The Public Interest, and with unusual security features to support and help to protect users worldwide. Yet another IntlACC 'regionalized' portal service will be The US-European Anti-Corruption Center™ or US-EurACC™, under-parallel, sequenced development, which will serve as a dedicated and fully regionalized North American Joint Portal or 'entrance' on the EurACC™ - with specific additional regional tools, in the customary multi-lingual environment, to supplement and enhance the global service. Augmenting these services will be The Latin American Anti-Corruption Center or LatAmACC™ which will later provide regionally optimised local+global answers for native speakers in Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese, English, and French.

The European Anti-Corruption Centre™ (EurACC.eu)

The European Anti-Corruption Centre™ is fundamentally designed to support citizens becoming properly informed, and to support professional Due Diligence notably both for small business users & medium sized enterprises (SMEs), and for larger corporate users, hence to aid firms of every size to safely and successfully buy and sell both 'at home,' and to help them to export & import

The EurACC™ serves particularly to support continuing journalistc investigations, educational and scholarly research. 

Additionally, other types of user groups doing such searches & research of all kinds are also warmly welcomed.

In this context, it will be remembered that, 

  • The European Commission has reported that some 99% of all businesses in the European Union are legally considered to be Small Businesses.


  • The United States Government has reported for decades that the numbers of businesses in the United States of America which are considered under the law to be Small Businesses has consistently hovered in the mid-to-upper 90s percentiles for nearly half a century.

As such, it is essential and indeed critical for SMEs - and all businesses, of every size, to be vigilent in avoiding getting accidently involved in relations with corrupt businesses and corrupt individuals.

Ultimately, concerning the basic safety of SME employees and the staffs of all companies, insitutions, educational, community and charitable organizations, including that of public ministries/agencies, and notably regarding the Quality of Life of the families of those same employees, this 'stability at home,' fundamentally depends on steady, responsible, and profitable ethical business and trade in the greater community - local, national and international.

In the 21st Century, there is little if any 'margin' for mistakes. 

The European Anti-Corruption Centre™ (EurACC.eu)


The European Anti-Corruption Centre™ is being developed and operated In The Public Interest as a truly Sustainable Public Service in both its Goals and Objectives, and in the format of its structure and business case.

As such, the EurACC™ fundamentaly bases its growing services on the Neutral Information Provisioningwithout editorializing, without editing, and without commentaries of any kind, and with Unfiltered and Unrestricted Access to 'fully referenced' and 'URL sourced' existing Independent, Public Accessible Sources (http:// based) of all kinds of legally published information concerning the many kinds of corruption, fraud & related criminality, ultimately irrespective of the language or country of origin of the information, and 'starting' with the European languages.


  • Most global trade, even if it is largely only 'local,' in one way or another is 'covered by' or commented upon in the media and / or social media by observers in at least one of those European-origin languages.

The European Anti-Corruption Centre™ (EurACC.eu) + The International Anti-Corruption Center™ (IntlACC.com)


The EurACC places Neutral and Equal Emphasis on helping searchers to identify reports of suspected corruption & fraud, white collar crime, and related ethics violations, et alia, worldwide


      • in the commercial sector, and
      • to identify Corruption, Fraud, Malfeasance, Misfeasance and Nonfeasance anywhere in the public sector,
      • as well as the growing crossover type of serious corruption between the commercial and public sectors., and
      • Trans-border violations, from 'anywhere to anywhere,' worldwide.

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Professional Investigative Journalism Reporting & Social Media based Citizen Reporting & Commentary re Corruption, Bribery, Money Laundering, Embezzlement, Fraud [Business Fraud, Tax Fraud, Banking & Securities Fraud, Public & Private Sector Contracting Fraud, Election Fraud, Ecology Fraud & Renewables Fraud, etc.], domestic and international Anti-Money Laundering (AML) efforts, the Financing of Terrorism & Hybrid Warfare, Malfeasance, Misfeasance, Nonfeasance, Abuse of Authority, White Collar Crime, Human Rights Issues + Defenders + Victims, Human Trafficking, Slavery, Prostitution, Arms Trafficking, Drug Trafficking, and Other Trafficking, Environmental Crime, Wildlife Crime, Pollution Crime, Cyber Crime, Art & Cultural Heritage Trafficking & Crime,  Ethics Violations, including Related Local, Regional, National + Trans-National Cases, plus Supporting & Collateral Background Data.

Fight Corruption & related crimes better with Globe Spanning Big Data Resources & Coming Advanced Professional Tools You Want and Need, including Comparative & User-Editable On-the-Fly Indicative Translations with ultimately numerous toolsets:

Access the Original Document Sources, Worldwide, in and via 40 "1st" Languages. Find 'Key' Public Documents and the often surprisingly 'hard-to-find'  > supplemental Authoritative References, Studies & Analyses + Official Governmentaland International Institutional Materials of all kinds to complement the Local, Regional & Global Professional Investigative JournalismCitizen Journalism  Information & News Resources - with valuable Social Media commentary 'in other people's 1st languages.' 

Soon Save Your Search Results, and Analyse and Build Your Own Customized, Multi-Media Special Reports Securely Online - with coming personalized 'Advanced Data Management and Analysis Tools' +Build & Share your own Interactive Data Journalism Graphics from your own data - All from inside your Personal https:// Secure Online EurACC Office, accessible anywhere 24/7/365 +on Any smart device.

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