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The European Anti-Corruption Centre™ ( European Anti-Corruption Centre (EurACC)

 International Anti-Corruption 'Centre' Operations:

Although The European Anti-Corruption Centre (EurACC) is coordinated largely from Prague, the service itself is being built upon and distributed independently using multiple secure international online clouds, across diverse provider networks...with no potential single points of failure.
The development & advisory team works together online from several countries.
  • Additionally, eventually, it will have 'bricks and mortar' representation in Washington, D.C.
  • Future EurACC representation in Washington is notably especially important for supporting the development and growth of the essential US-EU Anti-Corruption Center retrieval system (the US-Eur-ACC, as in >USEURACC<) - which is, itself, ultimately needed in support of ongoing international preparations for the creation of a US - European Union Free Trade Zone, often referred to on a larger scale as being the Trans-Atlantic Trade & Investment Partnership (TTIP) or alternatively similarly titled the Trans - Atlantic Free Trade Area (TAFTA) and which will understandably include the member countries of the European Free Trade Association (EFTA)
  • Users need and will have 'On-The-Fly' Indicative Language Translation tools, built directly into the interface, to help them quickly have at least an initial understanding of information that they will find on corruption - even when it is in another and likely 'difficult' international language.
  • Global real time reporting wil be presented in a user-selected regionally or global user optimized interface, based on search language interface selection, including the possibility to search simultaneously in multiple languages, and based on a custom designed, overall single user interface theme presented to all users, everywhere.
  • As the family of 'language and region localized' portal doorways increses, these will form the 'ensemble' of the larger anti-corruption, crime fighting and related work including uncovering ethics violations, and together, as related services, these will be encompassed in The International Anti-Corruption Center™ /  The IntlACC  [ & for when it is phonetically 'mis-spelled' ] .
  • As such, the IntlACC™ will be the access and sharing platform for all of the multiple international secure cloud based resources and services initially developed in the EurACC™  and will ultimately become a unified global gateway to the shared worldwide online resource center, as a sustainable, transparent, multilingual, public information service facilty, together with its regional parts, and operated in the public interest.  

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Coming Article:

"The Southern Corruption Corridor"

> The "SoCorCor" <

 The long prepared "Keys" essential to clearly understanding the fundamental early 21st Century Russian, post-Soviet, global shadow doctrine &

Transition Strategy Behind the Strategy

of invading Ukraine, starting in 2014 in Crimea, + Eastern & Southern Ukraine

 ... "La mainmise sur l'Europe" ...

Decoding the long-term strategic paradigm of "How far west, where & why?" The core 'follow-up Questions & Answers re targets of Russian politico-militario-economic opportunity initially in Europe.

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Professional Investigative Journalism Reporting & Social Media based Citizen Reporting & Commentary re Corruption, Bribery, Money Laundering, Embezzlement, Fraud [Business Fraud, Tax Fraud, Banking & Securities Fraud, Public & Private Sector Contracting Fraud, Election Fraud, Ecology Fraud & Renewables Fraud, etc.], domestic and international Anti-Money Laundering (AML) efforts, the Financing of Terrorism & Hybrid Warfare, Malfeasance, Misfeasance, Nonfeasance, Abuse of Authority, White Collar Crime, Human Rights Issues + Defenders + Victims, Human Trafficking, Slavery, Prostitution, Arms Trafficking, Drug Trafficking, and Other Trafficking, Environmental Crime, Wildlife Crime, Pollution Crime, Cyber Crime, Art & Cultural Heritage Trafficking & Crime,  Ethics Violations, including Related Local, Regional, National + Trans-National Cases, plus Supporting & Collateral Background Data.

Fight Corruption & related crimes better with Globe Spanning Big Data Resources & Coming Advanced Professional Tools You Want and Need, including Comparative & User-Editable On-the-Fly Indicative Translations with ultimately numerous toolsets:

Access the Original Document Sources, Worldwide, in and via 40 "1st" Languages. Find 'Key' Public Documents and the often surprisingly 'hard-to-find'  > supplemental Authoritative References, Studies & Analyses + Official Governmentaland International Institutional Materials of all kinds to complement the Local, Regional & Global Professional Investigative JournalismCitizen Journalism  Information & News Resources - with valuable Social Media commentary 'in other people's 1st languages.' 

Soon Save Your Search Results, and Analyse and Build Your Own Customized, Multi-Media Special Reports Securely Online - with coming personalized 'Advanced Data Management and Analysis Tools' +Build & Share your own Interactive Data Journalism Graphics from your own data - All from inside your Personal https:// Secure Online EurACC Office, accessible anywhere 24/7/365 +on Any smart device.

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